Success for Ride To Work Anderson is defined as a rider that is able to keep their job and find their own way to work. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Get your own car
  • Get your own moped
  • Find a carpool/rideshare with co-workers
  • Move close enough to walk to work 
  • Be able to take the bus (change jobs work hours, change jobs, move to bus route)

While we want the rider to make changes in their life to be successful for the long term and work with them to do that, our involvement officially ends when they’ve met the above goal.

How to put a success plan together

  • Start by understanding your rider’s background, history, family, issues, etc. Learn as much about the current situation to help determine the best plan forward.
  • Help create options with them and discuss their thoughts on which works for them. There are a few essentials: 
    • Do they have a current valid driver’s license? If not, consider using the DMV-70 form to find out. What will they have to do or how much will they have to pay to get it back? 
    • Put a budget together to understand their financial capability. If they have too much child support, past debt, limited income potential they may not be able to get or afford a car. 
    • Discuss each potential transportation option (car, moped, carpool, move to a location on a bus route, etc.) with the rider to get their thoughts on each.
  • Work together to list individual steps they will have to take. It is best if they take the lead, but many times they will not have the experience in forward planning or not have reasonable expectations.
  • Each step should have an expected completed date and discussion of how it will be achieved. The RTW-Anderson coach should be comfortable that the plan can be achieved. 

Example #1

After reviewing my budget, I realized that my phone plan is extremely expensive and my living situation is costing too much money. Here’s my overall plan to get on track:

  1. Get out of my current phone plan and change back to a basic phone to save $100 per month
  2. Require roommates to pay half of rent/utilities to save $250 per month or move to a separate place
  3. Contact the church I used to be a part of
  4. Buy a car once I have saved $1,500 and my income is at least $500 more per month than my expenses

Example #2

I’m currently on probation, but I have a good job and I’m getting my life back in order. Since I’m working nights, I have to use Uber to get to work, but I can ride the bus home (thanks to my supervisor). I want to use RTW-Anderson to help me save money and buy a reliable car as soon as possible.

  1. Begin RTW-Anderson and save $100 per week in Uber costs
  2. Pay fines of $450 as soon as I can to reinstate my license
  3. Save enough to purchase my own car
  4. Reconnect with church and change the crowd I hang out with

These are just a few examples that summarize how someone can graduate from the Ride To Work Anderson program. Your story will inspire many others to move in the direction of independence and allow you to be a part of God’s plan for someone else.

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